Music Review: Suté Talks About ‘Oceans’


My curiosity about Suté was sparked after I listened to ‘Vapours’ which was released in July this year. Then I found ‘Fatimah’ and ‘Orunmila’ which allowed me a peek into his style of music.

This guy makes good music. Simple and plain. He’s basically a fine rapper and his attempt at singing deserves a nod as well. I think he own a niche as far as rap is concerned in Nigeria, a style that I’d call cool, soulful rap but not the Heavy D or LL Cool J type of cool. I think Drake fits the comparison a bit more but Suté’s styles takes a leap beyond that. 

Do a repeated listening to ‘Oceans’ and you’d find something melancholic about the song despite the its optimistic love message. The song has the capacity to force a pensive mood on you if care isn’t taken. So, I’m thinking Suté does with rap what The Weeknd does with R&B. The downside to that is that localized content is amiss from the song and indeed many of his songs. Many of us can’t relate well with abstract music such as ‘Oceans’.  So his music will def get limited appreciation around here.

Irrespective of that, I think ‘Oceans’ is good music because of the remarkable creativity put into its making.


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