Music Review: T.R (The Artiste Formerly Known as Terry Tha Rapman) in ‘Anything For Your Boy


When Terry Tha Rapman rebranded and changed his stage name to T.R, I didn’t suspect  that something funny was coming. That “Tha Rapman” was  stylishly yanked off his stage name never sent any signals to me. I simply thought the guy had merely gone commercial, you know, the way rap guys used to go commercial back then. Well, with ‘Anything For Your Boy’ it seems Terry has gone commercial the way rappers do these days. Like Ice Prince and the likes, T.R has moved from singing his hooks by himself to singing an entire tinge tinge song solo. Yes, all by himself.

However, for someone whose expertise used to be crafting and spitting witty punchlines, ‘Anything for Your Boy’ is remarkable. Terry handles singing as though he has never made hardcore rap before. The song, produced by S.T.O, accomplishes the basic prerequisites of a party jam: nice beat, nice verses, nice hook and nice chorus. Irrespective of that, I admire the fact that Terry ensures that the song comes a theme: Man must chop. Well as man must chop, Terry presents a newbie in T.R, a rapper turned singer. The newbie does well on ‘Anything For Your Boy’ and looks like making more of such. I hope his upcoming EP, G.O.D will feature rap songs we used to love about him back then as well.


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