Music Review: Lara George’s ‘Total Surender’


The year is fresh and one good way to start it is giving praise to God. Lara Goerge’s ‘Total Surrender’ comes recommended for this purpose. Since the defunct music group, Kush Lara has been in the gospel music terrains and remains one of the genre’s finest today. For those that believe in absolute submission to God irrespective of whatever exceptional human qualities we might possess, ‘Total Surrender’ is a must-download.

Lara George’s powerful vocal ability is one to be adored. Like on most of her songs, ‘Total Surrender’ showcases her fine delivery of very easy to follow lyrics. I’d say the lyrics are quite minimalist though, as she focuses on a refrain and the chorus for most of the song, but I think that’s pretty the shape most worship songs take.

The piece of music is however composed with some great piano work and subtle additional vocals that complement the artiste’s rendition. Half way through the song, a mild beat is introduced and the tempo of the rendition increases. I believe this doesn’t quite work as effectively as the producer might have imagined. Is that another common trait with worship songs?

Despite that, Lara’s purpose is well-executed. Religious folks, you need this one for your Sundays and morning devotions. You could like it too if your frame of mind is secular but still you believe in returning all the glory that comes your way to God.



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